About us


Ross and Helen – is a team of professional photographers with more than 6 years of experience in commercial photography. They chose shooting interiors and food as the main area of activity, which has quickly brought them recognition and popularity. You can find their works on the website – rossandhelen.com

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   The ability to make it look promotionally when shooting led them to shoots for photo stocks. Having made quite a large amount of images, they decided to include everything on their own site images.rossandhelen.com to be closer to the customer and offer favorable conditions for sales.



Near the Meteora monasteries-036    Since Ross and Helen are traveling around the world all the time, the focus of their photo shoots is travel images, namely images of the most prominent places in each country photographed under the best conditions; people in the environment, and other things, which are also associated with the relevant country.



Making icecream-001    People, whom Ross and Helen meet in different cities, become their models. They shoot professions, hobbies, and business of these people – and therefore all the collections on the site are genuine, vivid and inspiring. Moreover, photographers Ross and Helen act as the models themselves in many photo shoots.


With colorful pencils and laptop-045    To change the environment, meet new and different people – it all expands the mind, brings new ideas, vision, and inspires. Therefore, this is all displayed on the new images of Ross and Helen Team, who add more than 600 different images to the collection on the website monthly.  Their pursuit of the perfect image constantly encourages them to think about interesting ideas, to create, to be directors and look for ideal conditions, so that all these gave the perfect results.

   They also keep a travel blog, telling about and showing each country and city they visit: where to eat and enjoy the interior of places, what is worth seeing and trying. Visit the blog and find inspiration for yourself: blog.rossandhelen.com